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Work Undertaken

Work Undertaken

Worried about Brexit and your Immigration Status in the UK?
Do you have debts that are obstructing your life or business?
Have you recently married or are about to and wish to call your spouse to join and live with you in the UK?
Are you owed money or have a money judgment and need to recover it?
Are you in a dispute with your family members over property or money or inheritance?
Are your business tenants not paying you rent or not complying with their business Lease?
Are your Financial Matters in a state of chaos following divorce or matrimonial breakdown?
Have you been served with a Statutory Demand or Winding-Up Petition?
Are you in a Boundary Dispute with your neighbour which simply will not go away?
Are you struggling with regularising your Immigration Status?
Do you have relatives abroad who wish to visit you in the UK or visit the UK to attend a family wedding or a Graduation?
Has your Business Lease expired and your landlord is refusing to grant a new Lease?
Has a Family Visitor Visa been refused?
Has your Spouse Visa been refused?
Has your Application for British Nationality been refused?
Have you been let down by your current Adviser?
Are you engaged or getting engaged and want to call your Fiancè or Fianceè to the UK?
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Individual Legal Services

  • Immigration-Spouse, Settlement, Extensions, Family visitor, Human Rights, Appeals, Re-considerations, British Nationality.
  • Family-Divorce & Financial Settlements, Inheritance Act claims
  • Property-Boundary Disputes, Lease extensions, Breach of Trust, Property claims under the Trusts of Land and Appointment of Trustees Act 1996 (ToLATA), Money claims
  • Solicitor Negligence Claims
  • Bankruptcy and Debt problems
  • Employment Compromise Agreements and Employee Restrictive Covenants
  • Mediation and Dispute Resolution

Business Legal Services

  • Commercial Property-Grant of Leases, Assignment, Licence Agreements, Hoarding Agreements
  • Commercial Litigation & Disputes-New & Lease Claims under the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954, Section 17 Landlord and Tenant Covenants Act 1925 Claims, Forfeiture of Leases, Recovery of Rent Arrears and Property Dilapidation claims
  • Insolvency- Debt Collecting, Money Claim Disputes, Winding-Up Petitions
  • Immigration Civil Liability Notices issued for illegal workers.
  • Solicitor Negligence Claims
  • Mediation and Dispute Resolution